Making sure that all the tools and equipment in a dental clinic are disinfected and sanitised is crucial. How is this done? Soap and water are not nearly enough to make sure that all the bacteria and germs are removed from the equipment. A dentist’s best bet is to use an autoclave sterilizer.

What is an autoclave sterilizer?

An autoclave sterilizer uses the sterilization process to ensure that all infection-causing bacteria and other microbes are killed off and removed from all equipment and tools before they are used on the next patient. An autoclave sterilizer uses heat and steam to disinfect the tools that are used in various dental procedures.

The advantage of using an autoclave sterilizer

It pays to use the sterilization process in the cleaning of dental equipment because it safeguards both the patient and dental professional from the potential hazards of infection. The transfer of infection from one patient to another (as well as from patients to dental professionals and vice versa will also be effectively prevented) will not happen if the sterilization process is done successfully.

Why soap and water is not enough

autoclave sterilizerSure the tools may look clean to the naked eye. However, we may never know how many germs and microbes are lurking on the surface of the equipment, waiting for their chance to infect the next patient. This is why soap and water are not enough to completely sterilize dental tools.

A Melag autoclave will get the job done. The sterilization process is simple. Just put the tools and materials into the specialized autoclave bags and put them into the Melag autoclave and close the door. Leave for the recommended time and the tools will be good as new and ready for use on the next patient. An autoclave sterilizer will make sure that complaints of infections will not happen because the tools will always be sterilized and safe for use.

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