When you are performing delicate procedures on teeth and around the gum tissue, it’s vital that your patients know you are taking every step to protect them from a dental infection. Melag Autoclave has been in business for almost 20 years, and we understand the need for both affordability and quality when it comes to dental instrument sterilization products.

We are proud to offer high-quality and affordable MELAG Autoclave products, and we are one of the most trusted suppliers in the business.



MELAG is a German company that has been specialising in hygiene and infection control products since 1951. A MELAG Autoclave is considered state-of-the-art in sterilisation equipment for the modern dentist.

A trustworthy sterilisation system is necessary to avoid dental infection due to contamination, which could be the downfall of a dentist’s practice. Dental infection is a growing problem for patients and dentists, which is why it is so important for all dental practices to have a reliable and effective autoclave.


Sterilisation of Dental Instruments

The single most important step in preventing contamination and maintaining a sterile workplace is the sterilisation of dental instruments. This requires a trustworthy steam sterilisation device. Dental instruments are not considered sterilised until all possible microbial cross-contamination has been removed by cleaning with saturated steam, as used in the MELAG Autoclave devices.

Once they have been sterilised, they must be wrapped and placed in a clean environment until the next use.

The MELAG Autoclave has the ability to print a record of the results of sanitising, as well as a record of the time the instruments were sanitised. 

Dental Equipment

MELAG 31B Autoclave

The MELAG 31B Autoclave is one of the top choices for dental offices throughout Australia. It is a reliable steam steriliser with a patented vacuum pump cooling system that is used to sterilise most dental instruments. It is also gentle enough for hollow instruments and delicate equipment. 

The MELAG 31B Autoclave has five trays in the sterilisation chamber and a 5 kg/18-litre capacity. It features noise suppression which makes the machine almost unnoticeable, and it automatically self-monitors the quality of water.


MELAG 41B Autoclave

With many of the same features as the MELAG 31B Autoclave, the 41B has just a few differences. It has eight trays in the sterilisation chamber and a 9 kg capacity for weight in equipment. 

The MELAG 41B has a larger capacity and faster drying times. This is ideal for larger practices. Notably, the 41B not only saves time with the faster drying technology but will also save you money.


Final Word

While most dental professionals are aware of their own personal responsibility to maintain a hygienic and sanitary workplace, it is important that they have access to the tools and equipment to support their mission. 

At Melag Autoclave, we have played an active role in providing that access for dentists in Australia for two decades. Please reach out to our friendly team today by phone on (02) 8880 7813 with any and all concerns about the right MELAG autoclave for your practice.

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