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The Melag 41b autoclave is a premium, high-performance steam steriliser that combines an innovative design with record operating times. It’s a stand-alone Vacuklav unit that can be plugged in and left alone to sterilise up to 9kg of wrapped or unwrapped dental instruments in record time. So, if you’re looking for high-quality sterilisation and ease of use, then the Melag 41b is an excellent option for dental and medical practices.

This device is an evolution in sterilisers, with unique technologies that will sterilise and dry your delicate instruments in minutes and a user-friendly design. The Melag 41b has an intelligent drying system that adapts the drying program to the implements in the unit. So, if you have fewer instruments in the Melag Vacuklav unit, the drying time will be shorter, but just as effective. This is what makes it perfect for dental practices and surgeries. You can effectively sterilise your equipment quickly and go on to your next patient saving you time and lowering your power bills.

The Benefits of Using the Melag 41b Autoclave

Like most autoclaves, this Vacuklav autoclave is designed to clean delicate tools without damaging them.

  • The Melag 41b has a standard chamber depth of 35cm with 18 litre volume, so you can get all your instruments sterilised at the same time.
  • The ventilation is a patented, stand-alone system and extremely easy to use – all you have to do is plug it in.
  • Like many Melag autoclaves such as the 31b and 43b, it has integrated water containers for feed and waste water as well as a manual to guide your use.
  • This Vacuklav autoclave is manufactured to give high performance sterilisation because of its unique, high-performance vacuum and steam systems.
  • The Melag 41b autoclave saves time because it uses twin chamber technology which allows for quick air evacuation from the sterilisation area and from your implements.
  • This Melag autoclave uses integrated software to approve, label and track sterilised instruments, which protects your practice and your patients and makes documentation easy.
  • And, unlike a lot of other autoclaves, Vacuklav units have control panels that are simple, easy to use, and in colour.

 – Melag 41b Specifications –

    • The Melag 41b autoclave has an 18-litre chamber volume.
    • Its weight is 58kg
    • This Melag Vacuklav unit has 8 trays.
    • The chamber dimensions are 35cm long by 25cm diameter.
    • 9kg instrument capacity, 2kg textiles.

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