Are you looking for a high-quality and affordable autoclave for sale? If so, you are on the right page! Autoclave machine is one of the necessary equipment in the healthcare industry. In fact, we will discuss in this article the importance of sterilisation in medical and dental practice, along with the five best autoclaves that you can get at a very reasonable price!

Importance of Medical Autoclave

Autoclave sterilizer or spelled as autoclave steriliser, is one of the essential machines that every healthcare provider should have. The function of this machine is to sterilise lab equipment and waste by using pressurised steam or heat to kill microorganisms such as spores and bacteria.

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In the dental industry, autoclave supplies can sterilise dental burs, dental handpieces, and other dental equipment necessary for the practice. They can also be used in demanding sterilisation processes such as sterilising liquids, solids, wastes, and biological hazards in safety laboratories.

Additionally, the most crucial thing about sterilisation cycles is that they keep the tools clean, preventing infection and other diseases. In short, having autoclaves in your practice will help maintain secure and healthy services.

Five Autoclaves Applicable For your Dental Practice

It is understandable for dental and medical practitioners to always look for both quality and affordability. In fact, some consumable product specialists can provide industry-leading quality at the best possible price, like Melag Autoclave. This can help you buy an autoclave online for an excellent price. In any case, here are some popular autoclaves you can check online.

NSK iClave Plus

This brand offers a high-quality autoclave. With a sophisticated design and excellent visibility, the panel is not difficult to work and maintain, optimising sterilisation reliability. In addition, NSK iClave plus has an advanced heating system that optimises the high heat conductivity of copper.

MELAG Cliniclave 45 MD

This Melag autoclave has a double-door Cliniclave that can be suitable for an XXL colour-touch display. In fact, Cliniclave 45 MD is a large steam steriliser that benefits the single door 1 and 2 sterilisation unit steam machines. These advantages include excellent drying results, record operating times, integrated documentation, and an individual loading concept.

Additionally, this model has low electricity and water consumption, making it one of the most efficient large steriliser machines. The Cliniclave 45 MD addresses the best huge steam sanitiser for facilities, practices and outpatient communities, requiring productivity and getting ready for development.

MELAG MELAtronic 23

The MELAtronic 23 has high-quality components and stainless steel chamber that gives long life and security. Its electronic system checks automatically for accomplishments of the parameters necessary for successful sterilisation. In addition, the incorporated digital display in the control panel allows a comfortable read-off of the individual sterilisation temperature.

MELAG MELAtronic 15 EN+

This is the successor to the universally successful MELAtronic 15 EN, with similar components and added active drying. MELAtronic 15 EN+ functions under the fractional flow method and follows the prerequisites of “Class S” steam sterilisers, specifically with EN 13060.  The microchip control unit operates the program mode completely automatically and keeps track of the safe sterilisation process.

Additionally, the read-out of the operating condition is simple, comfortable, and safe to use. The vital recording happens through a sequential interface. Furthermore, this autoclave machine for sale is the ideal steam steriliser. It is versatile and not limited to a single practice. Its high quality and durable components have made this model reliable to use for many years.

MELAG Vacuklav 24 BL+

This type of autoclave features an intense sterilisation chamber. Hence, this is very suitable for medical and dental practices that wish to sterilise extra-long instrument sets rapidly. The specialised hardware is comparable to the steam sanitiser Vacuklav 24 B+.

Buy an affordable Autoclave for Sale at Melag Autoclave.

If you have medical or dental services, you are aware of the importance of having reliable and effective equipment. This is particularly significant for the sterilisation of tools and instruments in your practice. Proper sterilisation can help your business confidently deliver fast and healthy services. So for affordable prices and high-quality autoclaves for sale, call Melag Autoclave at (02) 8880 7813 today!


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