A steriliser is used to sanitise materials. They destroy viable microorganisms either using steam or by dry heat. An example of this is an autoclave.

The dental clinics use this machine in dental practices as sterilisers of materials using steam under pressure. They use this equipment for a physical method of sterilisation to kill the bacteria, viruses, and spores that are present in the material. Thanks to this equipment, the dentists can reuse their instruments and tools.

Different industrial fields, such as hospitals, laboratory or dental clinics, can use an autoclave.

What are the types of autoclave machine?

Autoclaves are categorised into three main classes: Class N, Class S, and Class B. Let us discuss their differences.

Class N autoclaves are normally compact. They use this type of autoclave to sterilize simple materials. It removes air from the chamber using thermodynamic air displacement. The letter “N” on this type represents “naked solid products”.

Class B autoclaves perform like large machines used in hospitals. The letter “B” on this autoclave connotes “Big small sterilizers”. Regardless of its small size, it offers bigger performance. They can sterilize any load using a class N autoclave.

Class S autoclaves have all of the characteristics of the other types of an autoclave. It can sterilize single-packed or multi-layer pack of material. Class S autoclaves are known as a massive type of autoclave.

In Australia, they choose a class B type of autoclave is the best one for their dental practices. They found class B autoclaves efficient to use due to its greater flexibility and suits various range of settings.

Moreover, the autoclaves of dental clinics in Australia must pass the standards required under Standards AS/NZS4185. Passing standards is indeed necessary before bringing it out in the market.

Considerations before buying an autoclave

Before buying an autoclave, you should at least have a check of the following factors:

sterilization using autoclave
  1. Capacity
  2. The length of time covered during the sterilization
  3. Maintenance (this is an after-sale service)
  4. Prices

Everyone wants to purchase a machine that best suits their working standards. They want to ensure that the machine is worth the amount it will be paid for. They do not consider sterilizers exempted to this preference.

How much does an autoclave cost?

The price of autoclaves differs according to the type of autoclave. It varies according to the uses and applications an autoclave can perform.

On the other hand, the level of sterilization somehow depends on the quality of the autoclave. Most of the time, autoclaves with the best quality and advanced features have a high cost.

In the same way, they should reflect the quality of the autoclave from the price offered. You should stick to the main purpose. It should satisfy the sanitation required no matter which type of autoclave you use.

Manufacturers of autoclaves even offer services including direct delivery of the machine and products at your door; however, shipping fees apply.

If you are looking for the best autoclave in Australia with an affordable price, feel free to contact us. Given these points, we are always delighted to address your needs and concerns.

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