Sterilisation is a necessary process, especially when it comes to dental laboratory tools. In this article, we will discuss and explore the importance of sterilising instruments and how a laboratory autoclave is essential in dental practise.


Laboratory autoclaves, also known as steam sterilisers, are specialised equipment used to disinfect instruments used in various settings. They utilise a combination of steam and pressure to control the spread of microbes and contaminants.

Dental care is a risky and critical practise. It involves the use of specific dental instruments that are introduced in the oral cavity. In order to eliminate the fear of introducing foreign microorganisms, every dental clinic and offices need to have a laboratory autoclave to sterilise dental instruments before and after use thoroughly.

How Do Laboratory Autoclaves Sterilise Dental Tools?

General Process

Laboratory autoclaves involve the principle of utilising steam inside a properly-sealed area. The steam then forms pressure and begins to operate at a specific temperature range, high enough to kill any spores and microorganisms present. The sterilisation process is accomplished once a complete cycle is done.

Phases of Sterilisation

Purging Phase

The steam begins to flow across the laboratory autoclave interiors, where it displaces the air present. During this phase, the temperature and pressure slightly ramp to a continuous flow.

Exposure and Sterilisation Phase

The laboratory autoclave automatically controls the exhaust valves to increase pressure. Once the desired temperature range maintains its peak, the timer begins to run until it reaches its specified duration.

Exhaust Phase

After the desired time limit, the exhaust valve starts to open and releases the pressure inside. Though the contents may remain hot, the autoclave’s actual interior slowly returns to its original temperature.

Benefits of Laboratory Autoclaves in Dental Tool Sterilisation

autoclave on dental practise

In dental practise, laboratory autoclaves are essential to sterilise dental instruments such as handpieces and tool packets. In a larger setting, it is useful for cleaning surgical tools during dental surgeries and other treatments.

The use of laboratory autoclaves has more to offer than what meets the eyes. Here are some other benefits of using laboratory autoclaves:


Laboratory autoclaves can destroy microorganisms, prevent spore growth, and eliminate the spread of foreign bacteria.


The sterilisation technique using autoclaves require a shorter period to take place due to its low temperature.


There is a wide variety of materials that can withstand the pressure and temperature required to be sterilised, such as the following:

  • Glassware
  • Surgical instruments
  • Polypropylene
  • Stainless steel
  • Media Solutions
  • Gloves

Come in different sizes

Laboratory autoclaves come in various sizes, depending on your preference and use. A large autoclave has a more extensive temperature range and can be used in large batches of sterilisation.

Why Should Dental Clinics Use Laboratory Autoclaves?

Dental clinics must sterilise their tools in order to avoid cross-contamination between their patients. It is the safest and most effective way to protect yourself and your patients from the risks of infection. Additionally, it is a resourceful choice for those who prefer to keep their costs down, since sterilisation takes much faster. It is the most efficient and proper sterilisation technique as compared among others.

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