At a dental or medical facility, examination and surgical instruments are used on many different patients. It is not possible to purchase a different set of instruments for every single patient who visits the clinic – but at the same time, the establishment has to ensure that though the instruments are being re-used, they have been sterilised in a way that ensures complete elimination of disease-causing microorganisms that can pose potential risk of cross infection. The purpose of having autoclaves in dental clinics is precisely that – to rid each and every tool of any germs, contaminants, fungus, bacteria or virus that can threaten the lives and health of other patients, as well as those of the dental team.

A Melag autoclave is one of the most trusted equipment for sterilisation and disinfection. These state-of-the-art autoclaves use the latest technology and cutting edge design to give clinicians unmatched convenience in instrument sterilisation. Each Melag Autoclave unit is built in a way that is easy to use and to understand for just about anyone – not just clinic staff members.

How does an autoclave work?

Melag Autoclave units use high temperature steam to get the job done. The temperature of the steam in the chambers is enough to obliterate any microorganisms that may be present on the instruments when they are exposed. These autoclaves are being used by leading oral healthcare facilities and advanced private clinics around the world today.

Following an examination or dental surgical procedure, the used instruments are placed in a sterilisation tray and kept inside a Melag Autoclave unit. Once the sterilisation cycle starts, these tools are exposed to pressurised steam at very high temperatures.

The duration of the cycles can be adjusted by the operator. So how does the autoclave work? The principle is simple – any object placed inside the sterilisation chamber that comes in contact with the steam for a given period of time will be rid of germs and contaminants – ready to be used again on patients without the risk of spreading blood-borne diseases and other harmful infections.

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What are the different types of autoclaves that can be found at dental care facilities?

Melag Autoclave offers a wide range of sterilisation units based on the size and requirement of the practice. Larger sized units with a bigger loading capacity are ideal for public oral healthcare facilities that treat hundreds of patients per day. Smaller, portable autoclave units however, are also available for private practices that target specific dental specialties and therefore have less patient flow per day. For instance, the premium class evolution steam system is one of the most popular choices for dental practices.

How does Melag autoclave work towards cross-infection control in dental clinics?

Dental clinics offer treatments to all patients – this includes men and women who may have active, contagious, blood-borne infections. This poses a threat to the lives and wellbeing of other patients at the facility, as well as those of the dentists, who may directly be exposed to the pathogens during surgery. For this reason, this is critical to take the necessary steps that can prevent the spread of infections in a closed facility. Hepatitis B, C, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and syphilis are some of the most notable blood-borne infections. When patients with these conditions are examined or treated at the clinic, the instruments must be carefully sterilised to make sure they are completely clean before they are used on another healthy patient. 

This is where Melag Autoclave has an important role to play. A reliable, outstanding quality autoclave by Melag is essential for every single dental clinic whether it is big or small. Healthy patients and members of the dental team must not be exposed to blood-borne pathogens. Once the used instruments and equipment have been sterilised using pressurised steam – they can be used to perform surgeries on, and examine other patients at the clinic without having to worry about spreading diseases. 

Advantages of using Melag Autoclave units?

Having a Melag Autoclave unit in a dental facility means not having to worry about running out of clean, sterile instruments when needed. Following are some of the most prominent benefits of Melag autoclaves at dental private practices and teaching hospitals:

  • Working on the same principle as a pressure cooker, the Melag autoclaves rid used instruments of all germs and microorganisms that may be contaminating them 
  • Efficient cycles on advanced units mean clean instruments ready to be used again whenever required 
  • Melag Autoclave units are one of the best investments for proper functioning of a dental facility 
  • The autoclave’s work is to kill and eliminate blood-borne pathogens thus protecting patients and dental team from exposure to infections 
  • Uses high temperature steam under pressure to clean large and small sized dental instruments 
  • A Melag autoclave is highly versatile and portable 
  • A Melag Autoclave is safe and can easily be kept in small size dental practices 
  • Ideal for heat and moisture resistant instruments 
  • Can be configured for each individual sterilisation cycle
  • Prevents cross contamination and control the spread of harmful infections 

A Melag Autoclave for dental clinics is not the only product you will find from this company. Melag also designs larger units for other medical and surgical applications depending upon the size of the instruments that require cleaning. Our team is available to address any questions or queries regarding the different autoclave units and how they are used. We go the extra mile in making sure clinical staff, as well as concerned patients understand how dental equipment works towards making every examination and surgery 100% safe for everyone.

If you are interested in learning more about how does an autoclave work, or about the many different models of autoclaves from Melag, simply give us a call at (02) 8880 7813 and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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