What is a dentist autoclave? How is it used in a dental clinic? This article aims to shed some light as to the role of a dentist autoclave in a dental practice and why it is crucial that every dental clinic has one.  

What Is A Dentist Autoclave? 

dentist autoclave

A dentist autoclave is a special machine that is used to sterilize and sanitize the different types of dental equipment and tools used in the everyday operations of a dental clinic. These machines are also sometimes referred to as steam sterilizers because they use the power of heat and steam to sterilize the dental equipment

After the dental equipment is washed by hand, the tools are placed into the steam sterilizer to be sterilized. Although most of the grime, small particles and residue will be removed as the machines are washed using soap and water, the steam sterilizer will use steam to get rid of the microbes that unseen by the human eye. 

Risks Of Not Using A Dentist Autoclave 

Each dental practice will benefit from the use of a steam sterilizer. The use of a dentist autoclave will help ensure that all of the dangerous microbes will be wiped from the surface of the dental equipment. There are a number of significant risks that may arise if the use of dentist autoclaves is not used in the dental clinic setting. 

Transfer Of Infections 

The first and most important risk is the transfer of infection from one patient to the next, as well as from patient to dental health professional (and vice versa). If a steam sterilizer is not used on dental equipment, there will be an increased chance of spreading infection if the tools are not sterilized every after use. 

Deterioration Of Dental Equipment 

Dental equipment that is not cleaned thoroughly using a steam sterilizer will not stay in good shape for long. The quality of these dental equipment will suffer in the long run because they will not be stripped clean from the microbial residue that may cause damage to them. 

Increased Customer Complaints 

If a patient gets sick right after a dental procedure done with unclean dental equipment, they will be more likely to complain about it. This will equate to a bad reputation of your dental clinic, especially if they share their sentiments to their friends. Customer satisfaction ratings of your dental clinic will go down because of this. It may also affect future potential clients and patients from seeking treatment with your clinic.  

Use A Dentist Autoclave 

Using a dentist autoclave goes beyond customer satisfaction. The use of a dentist autoclave is centered on safeguarding patients (and other dental professionals) from the risk of infection. Dentistry is designed to help patients cure and avoid infection, the use of dentist autoclaves or steam sterilizers is a way to reinforce that. 

A dentist autoclave is used to ensure that no bacteria, sediments and microbes will be left on the dental equipment. These machines will guarantee a safe environment for both patients and dental professionals alike. 

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