An autoclave is an essential piece of equipment for a dental practice, so it is important that you have the right dental autoclave to suit your sterilisation needs. Melag Autoclave is the leading supplier of Melag autoclaves in the country, and with our extensive knowledge and experience we can help you find the right dental autoclave for your practice.


The Importance of Sterilisation

As experienced autoclave sterilizer suppliers, we understand the importance of sterilisation for your practice. Sterilising equipment and products before and after usage keeps your patients healthy and reduces the likelihood of infection after dental procedures. Unfortunately, traditional sterilisation techniques often do not remove all harmful microorganisms from your instruments and can damage fragile components.

A dental autoclave uses superheated steam to gently but effectively kill bacteria and viruses without damaging your equipment. It allows you to sterilise a large volume of instruments and textiles at a time and is the only method that guarantees sterile equipment with the use of indicators.


Why Choose a Melag Autoclave?

Melag have a reputation for innovation and reliability and have been consistently producing high-quality sterilisation equipment for over 70 years. They are the largest manufacturer to focus solely on creating sterilisation equipment which means that you can trust that they will continue to create the best equipment for your sterilisation needs.


Melag Autoclave Models

At Melag Autoclave, we offer the best range of Melag autoclave sterilisers and accessories available. Some of the Melag models we carry include:


Melag 31B Autoclave

The Melag 31B autoclave is one of the pro-series of autoclaves on offer. The water tank capacity is 18L and is automatically monitored by the system for water quality to ensure that your items are not contaminated.

Dental Equipment

The compact design allows the autoclave to fit into almost any space, including bench tops, hence it is ideal for small-sized supply areas.

The vacuum sterilisation chamber has room for 5 trays in a variety of configurations, and the quick release valve lets you dispose of used water quickly and easily. 

The control panel is simple with 5 different sterilisation programs for you to choose from, as well as 2 test programs to ensure optimal function.

The Melag 31B autoclave lets you sterilise your equipment in record time at only 10 minutes for unwrapped instruments and 17 minutes for wrapped instruments.  Best of all, the operation is whisper quiet to make your practice a calm and inviting place. 


Melag 41B Autoclave

The Melag 41B autoclave is a premium quality product that can sterilise and dry your instruments in minutes, so you always have the right tools for the job. 

It features a standard 35 cm vacuum chamber that is connected to integrated 18L clean and waste water tanks, which means all you need to do is plug it in and you are ready to go. The Melag 41B autoclave use twin chamber technology to allow for a quick air evacuation from the sterilisation chamber speeding up the cleaning and drying process. 

The Melag 41B also features an easy-to-use full colour control panel for easy programming and monitoring, and the integrated software helps you to comply with sterilisation standards by completing documentation and validation of sterilisation.


Melag Cliniclav 45 

For high-volume practices and dental hospitals, we carry a range of Melag Cliniclav which are some of the largest steam sterilisers available. The Melag Cliniclave 45 can sterilised up to 40 kg of unwrapped instruments or 35 kg of wrapped instruments at one time. 

The extra-large steam cylinder houses specialised sterilisation racks that allow for optimal exposure to superheated steam and allows for multiple loading configurations. 

The large control panels makes it quick and easy to find the program you need and includes integrated software for sterilisation documentation.


Melag Cliniclav 45D

Able to process large volume of instrument and textiles quickly, the Melag Cliniclav 45D is perfect for your large dental practice. 

The Melag Cliniclav 45D is a large double-door steam steriliser that is designed to be loaded on one side and collected from the other, to keep a constant rotation of clean instruments coming through your practice and save you time. The standalone water tank allows for better mobility and water quality monitoring, while the touchscreen panel allows to select programs with ease and perform necessary sterilisation documentation. 

The Cliniclav 45D is also mounted on rolling casters, so you can maneuver the unit easily to fit into any space and allow for easy maintenance. 


Final Words

To find the right autoclave to keep your practice safe and hygienic, talk to Australia’s leading autoclave sterilizer suppliers at Melag Autoclave on (02) 8880 7813 and learn about what the different styles of Melag autoclaves they can offer.

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