MELAG Cliniclave 45 M

Cliniclave 45 M – The “M” stands for Magnum: even more loading capacity

With a sterilization chamber double the depth of its twin, the Cliniclave 45 M can accept two sterilization containers (30 x 30 x 60 cm). Representing double the loading quantity of the Cliniclave 45, it can hold 70 kg of instruments or 14 kg of textiles. With its innovative design, this device concept provides unbeatably good value for money. The Cliniclave 45 M provides all the functions of the Cliniclave 45. The mounts and possible loading congurations (of trays, containers and instrument baskets) and the loading system can be used with all devices in the Cliniclave series. The Cliniclave 45 M represents the ideal large steam sterilizer for hospitals, practices and outpatient centres requiring efficiency and planning for expansion.


The extra-large colour-touch display enables intuitive operation and quick program selection; all helping to avoid errors. The integrated software for documentation, approval and traceability saves money and enables complete security. The Cliniclave 45 M was conceived as an economical device and is especially sparing in its consumption of resources. Its especial low electricity and water consumption make it one of the most economical of the large steam sterilizers.

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