The MELAstore system: making instrument treatment faster, better, and even more affordable.

MELAstore is an innovative loading system which enables considerable savings of both time and money, whilst improving the quality of the entire instrument treatment system through standardization and documentation. The MELAstore system consists of an integrated combination of wash trays (MELAstore Tray) and sterilization containers (MELAstore Box). The instruments are inserted directly in the MELAstore Trays, which are then placed in the appropriate MELAtherm tray mount. This is followed by cleaning and disinfection in the MELAtherm.


Then the MELAstore Trays are placed in the appropriate MELAstore Box; thereby completing the packing process. These MELAstore boxes are simply loaded into the steam sterilizer. This system saves up to 30 minutes per decontamination cycle compared to the packing of individual instruments in sterilization packaging and sealing. The MELAstore system saves not only time, materials and money; the safe storage protects the instruments against damage and the practice team against injury.

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