MELAG MELAquick 12+ p

The stand-alone quick Steam Sterilizer.

The MELAquick steam sterilizer helps save the practice time and money with its processing of handpieces that conform to the hygiene standards. Handpieces and turbines, prophylactic instruments and other conventional practice instruments (as long as 20 cm) can be sterilized between treating patients, in only about 7 minutes. There are three Class S programs: all programs in accordance with the EN 13060 European Standard.


Not only is removal of air needed for sterilization of handpieces, but also drying is of prominent importance. This innovative device concept can also be used if there is no compressed air connection in the decontamination room. MELAquick 12+ p has a compressor pump integrated into the device, which permits operation of the steam sterilizer irrespective of location. The functionality and short operating times are identical in both MELAquick devices.

Using the MELAquick 12+ p is the ideal alternative to sterilization of handpieces in a normal practice steam sterilizer, with its inevitably longer cycle times. The MELAquick?12+ p, being 20.5 x 45 cm (width x depth) in size, requires a clearly smaller positioning surface than all other steam sterilizers and permits the input of up to 12 handpieces. The speedy operating times facilitate continuous practice hygiene, without having to buy expensive, additional handpieces. Versatility in batch documentation, batch release and traceability, which is known from the MELAG device series of the Pro- and Premium-Classes and is generally recognised as trend setting, is also available with the MELAquick 12+ p. This includes MELAflash, MELAnet Box for network connection, approval and labelling of the instruments with MELAtrace.

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