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The Melag 31b Autoclave is a reliable steam steriliser that has become one of the leading products for dental surgeries and practices. It has an innovative, patented vacuum pump air-cooling system and can be used to thoroughly sterilise most dental and medical instruments. Melag Vacuklav autoclaves are gentle enough to be suitable for hollow instruments and more delicate equipment.

The Pro-class steam steriliser Vacuklav Melag 31b has 5 trays in the sterilisation chamber that can be used to sterilise instruments weighing up to 5kg. It has a simple control panel and comes with 5 sterilisation programs and 2 test programs to verify that the Melag 31b Autoclave Pro is functioning correctly. You also have the choice of using a printer or the device’s Data Logging System for record keeping.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you buy the standard Melag 31b Autoclave:

  • The Melag Vacuklav has an 18-litre capacity, so you can sterilise all your instruments at the same time.
  • Effective noise suppression systems make it whisper quiet.
  • The quality of the available water is monitored automatically.  
  • The Melag Vacuklav is easy to install and comes with a manual with helpful instructions.
  • These products are compact enough to fit in almost any practice space.
  • The quick release connector allows for easy disposal of used water.

So, if you require reliability and safety when it comes to your autoclaves, you can’t go past the Melag 31b Autoclave brand. The Melag’s special features are designed to ensure the optimum sterilisation of your instruments without causing damage.

Melag 31b Specifications

  • Melag Vacuklav autoclaves have dimensions of 42.5cm width, 48.5cm height and 57cm depth.
  • Chamber dimensions of 35cm long and 25cm diameter.
  • 5kg instrument capacity.
  • 2,500W power consumption.

So if you’re looking to buy a high quality Melag 31b Autoclave at a very good price, talk to our staff today or browse our online shop.

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