As health professionals, it is a part of our obligation to provide patients with the highest quality of care. To successfully perform our duty and responsibilities, following the standard practices are crucial. By doing so, you are preventing the spread of diseases and keeping your patients safe. One of the key requirements to maintain a secure and healthy environment for our patients is through the use of medical sterilization equipment. This equipment is vital to the proper sterilization of our medical devices and accessories.

Risks of Improper Sterilization of Medical Devices

Healthcare organizations, including hospitals, dental clinics, and rehabilitation facilities, are among the most critical areas where patients are at a high possibility of spreading diseases and infections. Because of this, improper sterilization of medical devices and instruments poses significant risks.

Can potentially damage medical devices

Sterilization requires the equipment to undergo a heating process under a specific temperature. However, some medical devices consist of materials that are prone to breakage when placed in heat. This situation raises a concern about the type of sterilization process to perform. Failure to comply with the standard and validated methods can cause improper sterilization of the equipment, consequently leading to patient harm.

Spread of diseases

Improper sterilization of equipment can be a precursor of healthcare-associated infections or HAIs. If a piece of medical equipment or device is not well-sterilized, there is a higher risk of transmitting diseases to whoever comes into contact with it. Thus, the use of a steam sterilizer is necessary to ensure patient safety. It utilizes a low temperature that is essential to achieve optimal disinfection of the equipment. Most healthcare facilities make use of steam sterilization as it is the best option among other sterilization processes.

Slows down medical response

problems in improper sterilization

Some devices may require longer exposure time before they can be completely sterile. Hence, improper sterilization can potentially slow down the medical staff’s activity as some equipment might take longer before it is available for use. Learning the importance of a steam sterilizer allows batch sterilization, thus facilitating a more effective sterilization process flow. 

Benefits of Steam Sterilization

Steam sterilization is a robust sterilization process that applies to the hospital setting and other medical facilities. Experts particularly recommend the use of this technique over other sterilization methods.

  • High penetration. Steam sterilization offers steam under pressure that is highly effective in killing any microorganisms present in an instrument.
  • Faster Turnover. Steam sterilizers provide a quick disinfection process than other medical sterilizing equipment, which is ideal for settings that require large-scale sterilization and rapid turnover of instruments.
  • Equipment-friendly. Steam autoclaves are effective for a wide variety of materials, which makes them useful for different industries.
  • Natural Process and Non-toxic. A steam sterilizer is an environment-friendly choice among other sterilization processes. The use of steam sterilizers does not involve the need for toxic chemicals and byproducts during the disinfection stages.
  • Convenient and Simple. Steam sterilizers provide user-friendly features that are easy to manipulate. Likewise, it does not require a complex process that is convenient for every staff to operate.
  • Low-cost and Less Maintenance. Many steam sterilizers offer batch sterilization that helps medical facilities save up on resources. Aside from that, steam sterilizers require less maintenance which is beneficial for a busy setting.

Steam Sterilization Techniques for Medical Devices

Most medical professionals use steam sterilization to maintain the safety of the instruments, devices, and other equipment in their clinics. If you want to use a steam sterilizer for your facility, here is a little information that you need to know.

The steam sterilization technique is also known as autoclaving. Essentially, two types of steam sterilization processes are present. Each class uses different principles when it comes to pulling out air and venting in the steam.

Gravity Displacement

This type of steam sterilizer is one of the oldest and simplest forms of sterilization. The autoclave chamber generates steam from above and gently pushes out air on its bottom. The gravity displacement sterilizer is ideal for medical devices that are sensitive to vacuum sterilization. However, this type of autoclave is not suited for complex instruments making it advisable only for small-scale use. If you are looking for a traditional steam sterilizer for your clinic, it is best to choose a gravity displacement sterilizer.  This autoclave is perfect for you as it comes in compact and portable sizes.

Dynamic Air Removal

ways to sterilize medical devices

The dynamic air removal process for autoclaving is the use of alternating steam and vacuum pulses. Through this type of steam sterilization, the exchange of steam pulses and vents will remove the bacteria and viruses present in every part of the instrument. This technique utilizes the steam to penetrate the device inside the chamber.

Among other steam sterilization processes, the use of a dynamic air removal process is the most preferable because it ensures contact with the instrument’s entire body. Additionally, it provides quick sterilization suitable for a fast-paced setting.

Where to Find Medical Sterilization Equipment

If you are concerned about keeping your patients safe and healthy, you can count on us to be your partner in ensuring their protection. We are here to provide you with the highest standard of care from our top-quality autoclaves. We are proud to offer Melag Autoclave, one of the leading autoclave brands suitable for your medical or dental practice.

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