Sterilisation is a vital part of your dental practice to protect both your safety and that of your patients. Poor dental sterilisation techniques lead to infection and illness and can compromise the integrity of your work. At Melag Autoclave, we understand the necessity of sterilising tools and textiles in your dental facility, so we aim to provide the best in sterilisation equipment and accessories. Learn more about what you can do to improve dental sterilisation in your clinic with a MELAG autoclave.


Why Use a MELAG Autoclave?

Sterilisation in dental clinics of instruments and tools is essential for preventing infection and keeping your patients safe and healthy. Unfortunately, standard procedures for sterilisation in dental clinics can often damage delicate instruments, leave a harmful chemical residue or may not kill and remove microbes efficiently putting your patients at risk of illness by contaminated instruments. Autoclaving is also the only reliable method for removing fungal spores, and for sterilising hollow and oddly shaped instruments.


How a MELAG Autoclave Works

A MELAG autoclave is state-of-the-art technology that allows you to thoroughly but gently sterilise a wide range of items including dental instruments, handpieces, gloves, sheets, shield, and even the materials used to create dental devices.

A MELAG autoclave consists of a large vacuum chamber in which the items to be sterilised are placed either in specialized pouches or containers or on trays or racks. Once you have entered the sterilisation program you need, the air is removed from the sterilisation chamber with a vacuum pump to create a low-pressure environment.

The water in the storage tank is then heated to produce steam which is pumped into the chamber at a pressure of around 100kPa and a temperature of 121C for a preselected length of time, usually around 30 minutes to ensure the sterilisation process has been effective.

After the steaming process, the items go through a short drying process to ensure that there are no moisture droplets left on the items which can attract microorganisms. 

Finally, consult the autoclave indicator strips or vial which contain a bacterial strain that will change colour when incubated to indicate whether the sterilisation was successful or not. 

Dental Equipment

Following sterilisation in a MELAG autoclave, instruments and tools are storage in dry, sterile containers, or remain inside sterilization pouches until immediately before that are to be used. This prevents any recontamination occurring.


Models of MELAG Autoclave

At Melag Autoclave, we carry a range of different MELAG autoclave models to suit the dental sterilisation needs of your facility. Here are some of the MELAG models we have available.


  • MELAG Autoclave 31b

The MELAG autoclave 31b is one of the Pro-class autoclaves we have on offer at Melag Autoclave. It features a 5 tray sterilisation chamber with an 18L capacity that can sterilise up to 5 kg of instruments in a single session and is ideal for sterilisation in dental clinics. 

The digital control panel has 5 different sterilisation programs and has a built-in data logging system for tracking your sterilisation results. The programs also automatically monitor the quality of the water being sourced from the tank to avoid contamination.

The sleek, compact design allows you to install it on almost any surface in your practice and the whisper quiet operation ensures that it won’t bother your patients while it is working. 


  • MELAG Autoclave 41B

For sterilising your equipment in record time, you can’t beat the MELAG autoclave 41B. It features a patented standalone system that utilizes in built source and wastewater tanks, so you simply need to plug in, and it’s ready to use -no plumbing required. 

The chamber is an 18L capacity with a 35cm chamber depth to fit up to 9 kg or wrapped and unwrapped instruments. This model uses twin chamber technology which allows for a faster steam evacuation time and a shortened drying period.


  • MELAG Cliniclave 45

For dental hospitals and large volume dental practices, the MELAG Cliniclave 45 is the ideal solution to your dental sterilisation needs.

It offers up to 40 kg instrument loading capacity and 7 kg of textiles with a fast turnaround that is vital to large dental facilities. The sterilisation chamber features a special cylindrical design with a variety of rack configurations to accommodate a range of sizes and shapes of instruments. 

The MELAG Cliniclave 45 has an intuitive colour touch screen display that is simple to use with quick program selection to minimize sterilization errors as well as integrated software which allows for a more accurate record keeping. And with low energy and water consumption, the MELAG Cliniclave 45 will save your practice money and reduce your carbon footprint.


Sterilization Accessories

To improve the dental sterilisation with your MELAG autoclave, we also carry a range of sterilisation accessories including MELAG brand drill disinfectant and MELAdem water treatment systems to supply your MELAG autoclave.


Final Thoughts

To ensure the safety of your patients and keep your dental practice clean and hygienic, use a MELAG autoclave to sterilize your instruments. To learn more about which type of MELAG autoclave is suitable for your dental facility, call Melag Autoclave on (02) 8880 7813 to talk to our team of experienced sales staff. 

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