In the world of modern dentistry, there are few things more important than ensuring the very highest standards of hygiene for your patients. An essential component in maintaining those standards is the use of high-quality autoclave dental instruments. These safe and efficient machines guarantee that all your dental instruments and equipment are thoroughly sterilised before used with a patient.

Modern autoclaves have come a long way. By using steam which can reach temperatures of 132°C, dental surgeries can ensure all equipment is thoroughly sterilised after previous use.



As you would expect, there are strict guidelines and regulations governing all aspects of hygiene and infection control in dentistry. These come from both federal law and The Dental Board of Australia. Oversight is strict, and penalties for non-compliance can be severe. By enforcing strict regulations across the profession, the public has the confidence to entrust their dental health to accredited dental practices. Keeping your patients safe from possible infections is one of the main concerns of every dentist in Australia.


Professional Equipment

Using top-quality professional autoclaves such as a MELAG autoclave, gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you are adhering to regulations and ensuring the safety and well-being of your patients. Our autoclaves offer you innovative technology and peak efficiency. They can sterilise both hollow equipment and your more delicate instruments, so you don’t need to worry about damage occurring during the sterilisation process.


Why Choose a MELAG Autoclave?

MELAG is a German company who have been producing a wide range of hygiene-related and infection control products since they began operations in 1951. By focusing on a limited range of products, and by utilising a team of highly qualified engineers, they have consistently supplied high-quality products to the dental and medical industries throughout their history. Around 25% of their revenue is reinvested into research and design so they can constantly improve and innovate their product range.

As a global leader in the field, a MELAG autoclave is recognised as state of the art equipment for the modern dentist. The stand out features of a MELAG autoclave includes:

  • Innovative design and features
  • Easy to use controls
  • Integrated water containment to enable simple disposal of waste water
  • Simple data recording system and optional printer to reduce manual documentation of sterilisation procedures and monitor efficiency
  • Quick sterilising process without compromising on efficiency
Dental Equipment

Why Choose Melag Autoclave?

With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Melag Autoclave is viewed as one of the most trusted MELAG autoclave suppliers in Australia. We believe you should be able to focus on your practice and your patients, so we aim to take the hassle out of infection control for your dental clinic. 

We also offer you a fully comprehensive service, so we will advise you on the best autoclave dental instruments for your practice. We will provide support and guidance, not only in the initial purchase and set-up of your new equipment but also with the highest level of after-sales support you can find.

Our company is owned and operated within Australia, so when you call customer service, you speak to an Australian operator. Our prices are among the most competitive on the market, and we stock various models to suit any size of dental clinic. 


MELAG Autoclaves at Melag Autoclave

We offer two great models of MELAG autoclave. The MELAG 31B autoclave is one of the leading choices of dental practices across Australia. With an innovative air-cooling system patented by MELAG, it efficiently sterilises nearly all dental equipment while still being gentle enough for use with delicate and hollow instruments.

The MELAG 41B is the next generation of MELAG autoclave. It offers extremely high performance and sterilises your instruments in record times. With the ability to sterilise up to 9 kg of instruments at a time, this is the perfect choice for larger dental practices. 

The MELAG 41B features new technology which not only works fast, but also adapts the sterilisation cycle to the load capacity. Fewer instruments mean a shorter drying time with no compromising on effectiveness. This great MELAG autoclave not only saves you time, but can also save you money by lowering your power bills. 


Final Thoughts

While infection control and sterilisation procedures are governed by regulations set out by The Dental Board of Australia and federal law, dentists recognise that it is also a matter of professional responsibility. The success of your practice depends on the reputation of the work you do and how you carry it out. Suitable autoclave dental instruments are an essential part of your work. They ensure sterile equipment and instruments and they also ensure the safety of your patients.

If you want to know more about our services and our range of MELAG autoclaves, call us at Melag Autoclave on (02) 8880 7813.